About Yoga
The process of linking oneself with the Supereme is called YOGA ---- a ladder for attaining the topmost spiritual realization.

Yoga : The eight-fold yoga system (Ashtang Yoga), attempts in the begining to enter into meditation through regulative principles of life and practice of different sitting postures (asanas), lead to achieving perfect mental equilibrium to control the mind and senses for the higher consciousness..

"Mind is the central point of yoga practice."

''By practice of yoga, disciplines the mental activites and becomes situated in transcendence --- is said to be established in yoga.'' -- B.G.

Yoga is different From Other Kind Of exercises.............

  • Yoga is energizing.
  • More efficient muscular contraction & expansion.
  • Don't get fatigue , don't get oxygen debt due  to the violent movement of the muscles.
  • Internalization - focus on breathing ; guide to relax; improves blood flow.
  • No external objects required.

Disclaimer: Please don't try these asanas(Postures) without proper guidance.